Inflatable Membrane Building

Inflatable membrane structure is a kind of structure or component that uses high-performance membrane material as the "shell" of the building, through the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the membrane to produce tension on the membrane surface, so as to form a certain stable shape and bearing capacity. The inflatable membrane structure shall have a closed inflatable space, and shall be equipped with an inflatable device to maintain the internal pressure, so as to ensure the rigidity of the membrane structure system and maintain the designed shape. Common inflatable membrane structures are: air supported membrane structure, air rib membrane structure and air pillow membrane structure.

Air supported membrane structure building is composed of main membrane material (outer membrane, inner membrane), air supply system, intelligent control system, access control system (personnel access door, emergency door, logistics door), lighting system, thermal insulation system, air conditioning system, cable net system and foundation anchoring system.

Characteristics of air film building

  • High consideration of space utilization

    Completely supported by air
    Inside without any frame or beamr
    Large span space can be easily realized

  • Safety, green and environmental protection

    Wind, KangXue, flame retardant and waterproof, rust corrosion, shock, insect-resistant, heat resistant, good low temperature resistance
    Can easily cope with all kinds of harsh environment
    No construction waste, no environmental damagee

  • Very low operating energy consumption

    Low operation cost
    intelligent control and simple maintenance
    excellent energy saving effect

  • Short construction period

    Prefabricated Building
    Factory prefabrication and field installation
    Simple connection mode, no work at height

  • Air quality control

    Completely cut off the haze
    Temperature and humidity can be controlled
    Can realize the function of increasing oxygen

  • Mobile Reuse

    Simple disassembly and low loss

Application Area

Because of the advantages of inflatable membrane structure, such as rich and colorful shapes, excellent architectural characteristics, structural characteristics, and suitable economy, which other traditional buildings can't match, inflatable membrane structure is deeply loved by people and widely used in many fields, such as industry, civil, military and so on.

Service Process

01Project Consultation

Preliminary design of project
Feasibility analysis scheme

02Contract Signing

To fulfill the obligations and rights of both parties to determine the construction period and to sign,
seal and execute the contract in the form of enrichment

03Deepen Design

Energy consumption analysis and calculation of scheme drawing,
effect drawing, construction drawing material and equipment selection

04Processing and production

Global procurement service material processing service equipment supporting service

05Construction and installation

Civil construction service air film installation service supporting engineering construction and installation service

06After-sale Service

Use and maintenance training remote monitoring

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