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Air Supply System

Jintengsheng independent R & D and production full automatic intelligent risk control system

  • Air Supply System

    Control System

    Air Conditioning System

    Air Pressure Regulating System

  • Full Automatic Intelligent Wind Control System

  • Oxygenation System

    Dehumidification System

    Filtration System

    Indoor Environmental Monitoring System

Equipment Features

  • Carry out all-round intelligent control of the main body of the air film building.

  • The whole system relies on the intelligent control module to monitor the external environment temperature and wind power in real time, and adjust the indoor air pressure and temperature through the air supply and air conditioning unit.

  • Ensure that under the load, the air supply system can work normally to maintain the stability of the air membrane structure, and realize automatic control without personnel on duty.

Type I

Type II

Today's Tengsheng machinery unit is divided into two types, I type and II type. There are 22 specifications in total. The air volume can be flexibly selected from 10000m3 / h to 60000m3 / h. The shape of type I and type II box is different. We can provide professional and reasonable selection scheme according to different use occasions of customers.

The box structure of type I and type II is frame plate structure, and the frame is closed aluminum profile. Depending on the specification, aluminum profiles with different cross-section sizes are used to ensure the strength and rigidity of the unit. The mechanical unit box board adopts double-layer color steel plate lined with glass wool board or polyurethane foam board as the thermal insulation material, which not only ensures good thermal insulation performance, but also achieves the effect of increasing box rigidity.

Service Process

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • Installation

  • Debugging

  • Maintain


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