Processing and Production Air Supply System Supporting Components

Processing Production

In 2017, Tengsheng moved its Beijing production base to Wuhu, Anhui Province

The total floor area is 53500 ㎡

There are two membrane structure processing workshops, steel structure processing workshops and equipment manufacturing workshops in the base

The annual production capacity of membrane material processing can be over 3 million ㎡

Membrane Material Processing

Our company has passed the national ISO9000 quality management system certification, and fully realized the procedural quality management. The membrane workshop is equipped with a series of professional production and processing equipment and testing equipment. All the original membrane materials are strictly inspected before processing to ensure that the finished membrane products are free of color difference, color spots, layer defects, broken wires and other quality problems.

Manufacturing Workshop

The production and manufacturing workshop includes two workshops of steel structure processing and equipment manufacturing. It has many professional processing equipment, such as rocker arm and bench drilling machine, numerical control cutting machine, IGBT inverter air plasma cutting machine, sandblasting machine, bending machine, etc. The production equipment and personnel are complete, the function construction is perfect, and the high quality production capacity is guaranteed.

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