Structural Membrane Building


Transportation Facilities

As the link between the city and the city, the toll station gives people the first impression of entering the city, so it is necessary to have a unique and novel architectural image. Membrane structure is a kind of space shape structure which uses high-strength flexible membrane material and auxiliary structure to produce certain pretension stress and can bear certain external load in a certain way. It has the advantages of large span space, beautiful shape and quick installation. Membrane structure is widely used in airport, high-speed railway station, bus station and parking lot besides toll station.


Environmental Protection Facilities

With the rapid development of our national economy and the acceleration of municipal infrastructure construction. In particular, the environmental protection projects of sewage treatment plant are increasing day by day. The odor gas discharged from anaerobic tank, sludge concentration tank and biological flocculation tank in the plant is easy to spread to the surrounding area, which also seriously affects the living environment of surrounding residents, not only physically but also psychologically. In order to create a beautiful living environment and build a Harmonious Society for people, many urban management departments have asked to cover the sewage treatment pool of sewage plant (station) for waste gas collection and treatment. In China, the development of gas collection and treatment has been restricted by the defects of anti-corrosion performance in the traditional way of sewage pool capping. However, the membrane structure with the characteristics of large span, anti-corrosion, beautiful shape, quick installation, convenient maintenance, heat preservation, safety and high cost performance can effectively solve such problems. In addition, it is also used in coal yard, landfill and biogas storage tank.


Landscape Facilities

With the continuous progress of society and the improvement of cultural concept, landscape facilities not only provide people with beautiful and comfortable landscape environment, but also play a positive role in improving the cultural quality and cultural exchanges in the region. Membrane structure is the perfect combination of architecture and art because of its light structure and unique shape. It is widely used in urban sketch, pedestrian street, building entrance, park, business district and residential area.


Sports facilities

As a landmark building of a city, a region or even a country, sports building should not only meet the functional requirements, but also have unique shape and style. Membrane structure architecture features beautiful shape, large span, energy conservation and environmental protection, which can not only meet the functional requirements of sports buildings, but also meet the visual aesthetic requirements of flexible shape and unique style, which can fully reflect the creative style of architects, which can not be achieved by other structural forms. In addition, the construction is fast, maintenance is convenient, natural lighting, material environmental protection and other characteristics also make the membrane structure building become the best choice of sports building.


Mobile Shelter

Membrane structure caravan is a new type of temporary building for outdoor activities, which is fast in installation, light in storage and transportation, safe and stable, and is called "mobile real estate". It is widely used in industrial storage, logistics distribution, wedding banquets, outdoor exhibitions, sports events, tourism and leisure, business gatherings, celebrations, business promotion, military use, disaster relief and other temporary activities tents.


Business Entertainment

Using the characteristics of membrane structure, such as light structure, unique shape, various colors and good light transmittance, the membrane top becomes colorful through light control, which is different from the unique Night Scene Effect of traditional buildings, has strong sign solicitation effect and can reflect the overall personality of the building.

Introduce Typical Projects

Bayi Agricultural University

This project belongs to a hybrid supporting membrane structure of skeleton and cable. The plane of the stand is crescent-shaped, and the structural system consists of twelve triangular truss with variable cross-section, two mast columns about 54 meters high and 12 steel cables. The cable lines the membrane.

China Dead Sea Floating Sports Center Water Park

The membrane structure project of China's Dead Sea Floating Sports Center Water Park is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, and is the largest indoor artificial coast project in China. This project uses a space steel truss structure system, and the roof is covered with membrane material, which is a typical skeleton membrane structure project. The entire structure is arranged in a fan shape with a span of 115 meters, a longitudinal length of 250 meters, the highest point of the facade is 40 meters, and a total area of about 30,000 square meters. The steel structure part is composed of 19 triangular radial arch truss arranged radially, and at the same time, multiple continuous spatial secondary truss are arranged longitudinally between the main truss. Three hinge supports at the two ends of the main truss are provided at each end, which are connected with the lower concrete column. The membrane part is composed of 14 large membrane bodies. The aluminum membrane is used to fix the unit membrane body on the keel of the upper string of the steel truss at the joint of the gables on both sides and the large membrane. The valley cable presses the membrane surface and applies pre-tension to the membrane material, so that the membrane material is shaped and achieves the desired effect.

Baoji Weihe

This project is a skeleton-supported membrane structure, which is composed of a golf tee (about 90x7 meters) and a management room area (about 26x7 meters). The plane is curved and the bird's eye view is like an eagle spreading its wings. The golf teeing area uses web-shaped open-hole shaped I-shaped steel columns and beams as the force-bearing structure, which is simple and bright, providing a broad space for golf, and there is no lack of smooth and dynamic structure curves. The management room area looks like an eagle's pre-flying wings and the shape of the whole building is seamless and unique. The total area of the project is about 1200 square meters.

Anhui Jingtu Huaihe Bridge

This project is located in the toll station of Huaihe Bridge in Jingtu, Huaiyuan, Anhui. The membrane structure has a flat coverage size of 48.6 * 24 meters, and the membrane shape is composed of three sets of inverted double umbrella-shaped membrane units. The lowest point in the membrane structure is 5.24 meters, and the highest point is 12.5 meters. It belongs to the form of membrane structure combining skeleton and tension.

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